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Can you co-parent successfully with a difficult ex?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2023 | Divorce |

How to raise kids after a divorce is one of the most crucial things parents need to figure out. Most of them choose co-parenting as they retain a healthy relationship with their kids. However, doing this with a difficult co-parent may not be easy. 

This guide discusses three tips for co-parenting with a difficult ex-spouse to help you. 

Set boundaries

A difficult ex-spouse has unhealthy boundaries, including not respecting the parenting plan, disrespecting your schedule and new life and ignoring your rules. Thus, you may need to set strict boundaries with them to ensure you raise your kids healthily.  Inform them of the boundaries, and upon breaking one, don’t hesitate to correct them respectfully. 

Communicate with them

Dealing with a difficult ex is challenging, but a lack of communication may make matters worse. Therefore, consider communicating with your co-parent to eliminate the chances of misunderstandings. 

For instance, if your child has a birthday or a school event coming up, keep your ex on the loop so both of you can be present. If they live with the kids, obtain adequate information from them.

Nonetheless, you need to have healthy communication methods and rules with your ex-spouse.

Focus on your kids

Co-parenting is about the kids, but a difficult ex may want to go beyond this by asking about your new life. It may be best to have a straightforward attitude when dealing with them. If they want to talk about no-children subjects, politely decline to continue the conversation. You should only talk about things concerning the kids’ needs.

Divorce involving children can be challenging when parents are not on the same page. The tips discussed above can help you co-parent with a difficult ex. Further, get professional help to find the best solutions for your case.