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5 myths about divorce 

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Divorce |

In legal proceedings, such as going through a divorce, you need to make sure you have accurate information at every turn. This is why many experts will recommend against taking advice from any friends or family members. They may want to help you, but you can’t be sure that you’re not just hearing common myths and misconceptions repeated over and over again. 

To help make sure that this does not happen to you, here are five of the most common myths:

  1. Your spouse can deny the divorce. They cannot. You can get a default divorce even if they don’t go to court.
  2. The court rules against those who commit adultery. The only way this happens is if significant assets were spent on the affair. Divorce court is just a place to divide assets and legal rights, not a place for ramifications for one’s personal choices.
  3. It’s best for children to go with one parent. Conversely, it’s best for them to see both parents. Joint custody is the most common solution.
  4. You can’t get divorced here if you didn’t get married here. As long as you satisfy the requirements, you can get divorced wherever you live, regardless of where you got married.
  5. Your divorce has to be a fight. It really doesn’t. Couples often find ways to compromise or they go through an uncontested divorce where they work together to find solutions. Your case could become a long legal battle, but it certainly doesn’t have to. 

Don’t fall victim to these myths or any others. They can really hold you back in your case. 

Understanding your legal position

Along with avoiding myths, you should take the time to really dig into your legal options. The more you know about your position and the reality of the divorce process, the better the odds of a favorable outcome.