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Divorce isn’t the same when you have children

| Sep 11, 2020 | Divorce |

For many people, being divorced means that you’re done with having to deal with your ex. But people who have children with their exes still have to communicate with their former spouses because of the children. There aren’t any magic methods that will make this any easier. Instead, you have to try to work toward building a solid co-parenting relationship that puts the children first.

It can benefit the children greatly if you and your ex can put your differences aside and focus on raising the kids separately but still as a united parental unit. You might be tempted to wish the worst for your ex; however, this can mean that your children might suffer because they can often feel what their parents are feeling. Try to wish the best for your ex or at least remain neutral and focus on building your own life and happiness.

You’ll have to get your ex’s input on some things related to the children and having a respectful relationship can help make this easier. One thing that you should try to avoid is having something to say about what happens at your ex’s house. Unless they’re breaking the law, ignoring the parenting plan or putting the children in danger, there’s little that you can do.

Try not to focus on who’s right or wrong in any situation. Instead, think about what’s best for the children. This might make it easier for you to work with your ex on the parenting matters that are going to creep up as your children mature. Having a clear parenting plan that includes the terms you agreed upon can make this a bit less contentious.