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Signs of nursing home elder abuse

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More than 2 million cases of elder abuse, the mistreatment of elderly people, are reported per year in the United States. Anything from emotional abuse, physical abuse, neglect, and exploitation is considered abuse. With over 34 million elderly people in the United States over the age of 64, it is important that family member can spot elder abuse if their loved one is in a nursing home.

Signs to detect elder abuse if your loved one is in a nursing home:

  1. The caregiver is having fights/arguing with the patient.
  2. Sometimes unexplained injuries will show up – keep an eye out.
  3. The elderly person goes into a depression.
  4. Basic needs are not met, such as proper shelter and food.
  5. Their possessions begin to disappear.
  6. Suspicious changes in the elder’s will.
  7. Overmedication/under medication.
  8. Unexplained financial withdraws/unpaid bills when the elder has the money.

These are just a few of the signs to look for if your loved one is in a nursing home; there are many other signs that can point to elder abuse, so always make sure your loved one is in a reputable establishment. If you’ve had a loved one suffer through elder abuse in a nursing home and need guidance and legal representation, please contact one of our attorneys in Wauwatosa, WI at 414-259-9300. Our attorneys have your best interest and your loved one’s best interest in mind and we’ll work to get you the settlement you deserve.