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Working out financial matters with your co-parent

Trying to work out shared expenses with an ex when you have children together can be a challenge. Both parents likely have an idea about what they feel that the children need. The issue might come down to who’s going to pay for them.  There are several ways that you...

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Divorcing a narcissist is a complex situation

You know that you cannot stay in a marriage with your spouse any longer. But extricating yourself from the union may be challenging. The decision to walk away from a narcissistic spouse puts you one step closer to freedom, but that freedom is going to come at a cost....

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5 myths about divorce 

In legal proceedings, such as going through a divorce, you need to make sure you have accurate information at every turn. This is why many experts will recommend against taking advice from any friends or family members. They may want to help you, but you can’t be sure...

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