Can your landlord raise your rent?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Real Estate |

You’ve been living in your current apartment for years, and you’ve become very attached to it. Recently, your landlord has told you that the price of homes in the area has gone up, so he or she is going to raise the rent.

You’re worried that it’s going to be unaffordable for you. Not only is this a problem because you’ll have to find somewhere else to live, but you feel like you’re essentially being kicked out of the home that you’ve grown so connected to. Is your landlord allowed to raise your rent like this if you already live in the space?

Only when the lease is up

Yes, your landlord is allowed to raise your rent. This is technically still their property and they can charge whatever they would like for the use of that space. But they can only do this when the lease that you signed has expired. You agreed to the monthly rent terms when you signed it, so they can’t change it in the middle of that lease.

For instance, maybe you signed a lease for a year. Your landlord has to wait until those 12 months are up and then they can raise the rent. They may inform you about it before this, but they can’t actually change it. Those who could be most dramatically impacted by something like this are renters who have a month-to-month lease. This means that the landlord can essentially raise the rent any month that they want since each one is considered a new term.

Financial issues and disagreements are common between landlords and tenants, and it’s important for both sides to understand their legal rights.