Real Estate Law

Specializing Attorneys: Mark R. Toth and Basil M. Loeb

The State of Wisconsin has many federal and state laws, regulations, statutes, ordinances, and policies that dictate how people buy and sell commercial/residential real estate.

These laws affect each step of a Wisconsin real estate transaction, such as:

  • Purchasing a property
  • Selling commercial/residential real estate
  • Estimating/paying property taxes
  • Financing a property – loan/mortgage
  • Property development/construction
  • Property management, renting, or leasing

Buying and selling real estate is more complex than simply purchasing a car or a boat. Our experienced real estate attorney’s in Wauwatosa, WI will help you sort through each decision involved in real estate transactions, we will make the process easy while saving you money and legal headaches in the long run.

Our attorney’s specialize in:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Real Estate Development
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Slander of Title
  • Partitions
  • Lis Pendens
  • Litigation

If you are in Wauwatosa, WI and in need of a lawyer that deals with real estate law please give us a call at 414-259-9300 for a free consultation.